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Boom Tish

In 2017, Daniel Johns started feeling musically creative again. Along with Beau Golding, Dave Jenkins, and Jake Meadows, who happened to be the band that had leant their skills to Daniel's 2015 solo album 'Talk' (for more info on that, see his solo side project), Daniel has been actively experimenting with music again (much to the delight of us, his beloved fans XD), and started up what they call a "playful new project" called Boom Tish. And just recently, they finally released one of the results of the experimentation, and because they had been asked to contribute a song to a tribute album. I am of course talking about the Easybeats tribute album, and I am also talking about the song they covered, which is called "Hello, How Are You?". Check it out, and all the other silly things Daniel and the boys get up to via Boom Tish on Instagram.